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What is Speedy
New Dealer
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The Virtual Warehouse


If you’re tired of products you sell that are out of stock, if you wish you could house items yourself but don’t want to go thru the hassle of renting a warehouse or don't want to keep items in your home or garage, then the Virtual Warehouse may be for you


Viking Wholesale now offers warehouse space to its dealers, so you can purchase items and sell them whenever you like.  We handle all of the shelving, warehouse space and shipping for you.


This is how it works.


Sign up for the Virtual Warehouse ($350/year) and you will rent space here in our warehouse.  The space measures 96"x 36" x 20", enough space to house over 40 swords or hundreds of knives. 


You will have access to a special link on our site that will have an accurate inventory of the items you have purchased and we are warehousing for you.  Simply add them to the cart and we will ship them to wherever you like.


For questions on this feature, call us, 615-884-1111, we will be happy to go over the program in more detail.