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Vikings - Sword of Lagertha Scabbard

Manufacturer: Shadow Cutlery
Model Number: SH8011
Weight: 4.00
Shipping Dimensions (LWH): 48 x 6 x 6

Quantity Available: 100+

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Lagertha, the beautiful Viking shield maiden, has risen to power with her strength and cunning to become the Earl of Hedeby. She is also a ferocious fighter for her brethren.  Lagertha’s favorite weapon is not an axe as her former husband Ragnar prefers, but a hand-forged battle-worn sword that has seen many victories against her enemies.  Time and again Lagertha has proven her worth as a raider and demonstrated her skill as a leader, she is truly a great Viking Warrior.

The Sword of Lagertha Scabbard is based on the actual television prop and has been antiqued to replicate the time period.  The scabbard features bicast leather and imitation goat fur.  A Certificate of Authenticity is included.


Overall length: 30”
Imitation goat fur
Overall weight: 1 lbs
Bicast leather and strap
Certificate of authenticity included
Remailer and color sleeve