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Mirkwood Double-Bladed Polearm

Manufacturer: United Cutlery
Model Number: UC3043
Weight: 39.00
Shipping Dimensions (LWH): 78 x 9 x 9

Quantity Available: 42

Ships in 1 Box Oversized - UPS or FedEx Only

Weight has been adjusted to Dimensional Weight - Quotes should be accurate on website.

The Woodland guard are the soldiers of the Elvenking, sworn to protect and watch over the northern lands of the great forest of the Woodland Realm. Among their weapons is this polearm, crafted with a greenwood shaft and two curved Elven blades forged of bronzed steel with a Silvan steel edge of superior strength. This replica features bronze-finished cast stainless steel blades and a hardwood handle shaft. It is presented with a wood wall display featuring a Wood Elf graphic motif. 21 1/8" blades; 72 1/8" overall